Bar Review: Deck Bar – Dee Why, Sydney Northern Beaches

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After a perfect few days of balmy weather, last night myself and Mr EJV decided to head to the Deck Bar at Dee Why for a few sundowners to farewell the weekend with some pals.

On Sunday they were doing a happy hour(s) or $5 coronas which kept the boys happy whilst the girls were drinking wine $7 margaritas which were delicious but never quite sour enough for me, I love my margaritas to be about 90% lemon juice which I do understand isn’t everyone’s preference!

Decor wise downstairs bit Ivy-esque with very similar white and yellow striped soft furnishings and white furniture and wicker basket lights, whilst upstairs has a big fireplace with a lot of wood and random couches and ottomans splashed around near the bar and a lot more tables and chairs, as the Deck also operates as a restaurant serving a mix of casual modern Australian and Mexican influenced food.

The clientele are reasonably varied, it’s pretty relaxed, mostly filled with 20 something beaches kids and the occasional 30 something group thrown in for good measure. Dress code-wise, the guys mostly in singlets and boardies or jeans and tees, and the girls  can be found in anything from havianas and crocheted tops to silk playsuits and espadrilles.

In addition to showing the NRL on the big screens dotted around the place, they also had a live band playing from around 5pm which was great. They played upstairs so it wasn’t too loud to interfere with you having a conversation to the people next to you, just enough to give the place a really great atmosphere.

Overall it’s an awesome vibey place to have a few cheeky Sunday beverages. There isn’t any attitude, just a whole lot of people looking to have a few drinks, listen to some music and chat. Some seem to be looking to party pretty hard for a Sunday (the guy next to me was ordering tequila shots at 5pm) but it’s just a nice rough and tumble mix of those and people like myself content to have a quiet few drinks.

Overall highly recommended.

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